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Monday, April 19, 2010

"...what not to do..."

After spending 4 days in wow withdrawal from not having my computer up and running I finally got in some play time.

I'd like to share with you one of my "adventures" since then. Normally I don't like to complain or say anything about other tanks cause I know that one time I slip up someone will be sure to point it out.

Although I don't mess up when I'm tanking, really! Go ask anyone... :P

I should have known given his name "insaneclown" that this tank was not going to be good. Oh the tank was geared and all but his style was, horrid, his attitude arrogant and he was a "Jerk" plain and simple. I can handle the childish name calling and banter that goes on sometimes during the Randoms using the dungeon tool. But this was something beyond er... belief.

The following events actually took place...

I was leveling my alt mage upon, entering the dungeon I see lvl 80 dk tank among others and we are in OC (Occulus). I just finished loading the dungeon and I see the tank already engaged with the first whelps. The healer and 2 dps hadn't even zoned in yet. I'm thinking 'ok, um, oh well' so I proceed to do my thing 'Arcane Power, blizzard, blizzard', hey I'm a mage right...?

Anyway, they others are finally zoned in and the tank keeps moving he doesn't wait at all, for buffs or mana. Someone says wait up a sec and the tanks reply "I wait for no man" he keeps going loses aggro and I die and another dps dies. We run back in, he's still going, he does not wait for us to heal up/buff up... more whelps, more aggro, I die again.

I'm thinking WTH is he doing? How is he not holding aggro? I'm only level 78 with no gear and he was lvl 80 and geared? I run back in, the tank is up on the platform already fighting the first boss? It was only him and the healer and one DPS, up there. Me and the other dps are running back in.

The healer of course has no chance to rez us because the tank keeps going and is always in combat! Again someone asks him to slow down just a bit. I mean we all want a speed run yeah that's great. The tank says "If anyone can't keep up that's their problem, this is how I tank". QQ What? Really? Did he actually just say that? OMG is this guy for real?

So we get our drakes and fly and finish the sentinel things, the tank takes off to the boss platform he lands and engages the boss some of us are still flying over there. as I land the tank is fighting the boss no healer in sight, and I realize after I dismount I have aggro'd 3 blue drakes from around the platform. Needless to say I die in 1 second from drake fire, the healer dies from drake fire, the other dps dies from drake fire. The tank is appears totally oblivious to this.

Well at this point I'd had enough and apparently so did everyone else cause when i did vote kick the tank it passed in 2 seconds, and he was out. I didn't really care that I didn't get the run finished and nobody waited around for the queue to find another tank.

so... Long story longer...Do "not" be an "Insaneclown" if you want to be a good tank.

Again, for those who might not understand...

Do "not" be an "Insaneclown" if you want to be a good tank.

Thanks for reading.


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