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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DK Tank 4.0.6 changes


Below I've briefly gone over the DK tank changes for 4.0.6.

Bone Shield 4 charges now instead of 3 (win).

Blood Shield now stacks (win).  Could we stack this now as high as  60k or 100k?  The possibilities appear to be endless.  I know after grabbing and keeping threat I will be virtually spamming Death Strikes to keep this shield up.  Also Death Strikes damage got a buff which helps threat and means even more spamming of Death Strikes.

IBF now breaks stuns and provides immunity to them (win).  Halfus fight anyone?  This should help out here.

Here is the spec I'm using now. 31/6/4

This is not a change to the DK but I felt I should explain I do not use blood parasite.  I just don't see much benefit in only a 10% chance to proc this and then it does not heal for very much.


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