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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shared Topic: Home Sweet Home


In lieu of the usual...topics... wait a moment, I'm not sure I have any usual topics! 

Part of my blogging is reading other blogs.  Trying to find interesting topics.  And of course posting them in a timely manner (which I admit I need to work on).

I came across this shared to over on Blog Azeroth forums...
What do i consider home?... In world of warcraft.

I don't normally consider a particular place home while I play WoW.  I do however choose to hang out in the larger cities, and pretty much where everyone else is hanging out.  As long as the lag is bearable.  With cataclysm coming and Dalaran no longer having the portals(It appears), I will probably find myself hanging out in Orgrimmar often.

 I suppose to me finding a place to call home is more like something you'd find in Role Playing.  I don't Role Play at all in WoW, although I have considered it.  I think part of RP'ing is establishing a history, home, family,  even your own Country type of place.  All of that adds flavor to your character and really provides more depth to your story.

I guess in the end home is where ever i find myself on that particular day.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. KEEP IT UP .