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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shared Topic: Getting Ready for Cataclysm


Today is another posting of a shared topic. I like this shared topic idea. I think it's good way to bring Blogger's and the community together.

So... Hmm... Getting ready for cataclysm... Um... Well there are so many things I'm not sure where to start!

Since I've had a DK as my main I've been really wanting to go back and capture some of the old content some of the old instances, and reps, and yes I even want to get Thunderfury just for the achievement. I get this feeling of having to rush around and try to get everything done before Cataclysm hits!

I am slowly getting those things done true, but not quite at the pace I'd like. I have this dreadful feeling that blizz will be taking away, not the faction rep but the manner in which you need to go about accomplishing them. Among other things. Of course I could be totally wrong here. LOL

Other things I'm doing to get ready is slowly building up an inventory of Neatherweave bags and Frostweave bags. All those new Goblins and Worgen are going to need bags. I'm not saving up much other type of inventory items. I know some people are saving up low level, and mid level mats used for leveling professions, frankly I just don't have the time for that with all the rest I want to accomplish.

I of course am saving up gold as well. I know there will be gold sinks in cataclysm. And there will be expensive mats needed for recapping my professions.

There are several pets I'd like to obtain still and I think they may not be available to get after expansion. Hopefully they will!

I just checked my armory page, and I've killed Baron Rivendare 96 times in Stratholme, and yet he hasn't seen me as fit to receive his mount. I think being a DK and having the original Death Charger mount would be very cool. I also think this achievement will become a feat of strength in Cataclysm. One of those that is no longer available after the expansion.

A few of you know I've put in some time for the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement. I don't think I'll get this done. Mostly due to the cost and availability of the Pristine Black Diamonds. oh BTW I'm not spending an "insane" amount of time on this... :P

There are some faction Reps I'd like to finish up. Some heirloom items to grab for when I level my new Goblin character. A faction change here a server change there. I'm also reading many things about the expansion to try and be a litte more prepared for all that's going to be new. And that is all I'd like to get done before expansion, not very much is it? LOL

I'd like to wish everyone good luck with what ever they are doing to prepare for Cataclysm. May the RNG roll favorably in your direction.


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