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Monday, June 21, 2010

"...LFD or is that LSD..."

Hello readers,

I swear by all that's unholy anyone using the LFD tool to fill in the gaps with leveling alts under level 70 is on LSD.

here's an example of my typical run;

/take a deep breath we've entered an instance at level 32 using LFD
/I port in oh gee shocking I'm the tank (Druid toon)well i did choose that option
/there is 1 rogue 1 hunter 1 warlock dps 1 other druid healer
/other druid gives no buffs
/I see this and start giving buffs
/rogue is already around the corner sapping the first Mob
/warlock has sent his pet to start tanking
/hunter sees warlocks pet go so he sends his pet
/hunter gets aggro, warlock gets aggro
/I see players life dropping
/the other druid is standing next to me doing nothing
/I try to cast a couple heals since i haven't switched to bear form yet
/oops target not in LOS
/oops target out of range
/hunter dies leaves group after screaming wheres the healer
/lock dies leaves group after screaming wheres the tank
/healer leaves
/re queue

/insert long drawn out sigh here

so hopefully I'm not the only one experiencing this.
after going back and rereading this post I rolled my eyes and laughed. Maybe I'm too serious about this game? huh? you think?


That's a quick sum of my last week. Pretty super duper eh?
As a plus I did make some good progress on my "insane title" grind and those factions reps I need yet.

Here's to your LFD runs may they go smooth!

As a side note:
Things in tanking are pretty slow right now with, not much coming from Blizzard on the DK tanking changes for Cataclysm. I'll keep you posted with anything I can find and of course once more information becomes available I'll have all my predictions, thoughts, and whatever else I can put on paper out here for you to read.

In the meantime "Tank hard", and good luck with all your tanking endeavors!

Thanks for reading


Friday, June 11, 2010

"...someone call Kenny Loggins, cause Lana you're entering the "danger zone!"..."

Hello Readers!

Someone made a recent comment on the blog, and I've received a few emails on this as well. So here's a little more about me...

I grew up in small town USA, in the upper Midwest. Now I live in a Big City, still in the upper Midwest. I'll be celebrating a birthday really soon "OMG" 37 already? how can that be?... lol, and I have 3 children. All of whom try to make me go crazy with their antics, of course any one with kids knows, "they are just so precious" right? right? Seriously though I love them all and wouldn't trade them for anything.

I have traveled only a few places, Hawaii, several US states, and Mexico... hmm... I reckon that's about enough personal info here's my WOW info...

I play Nexdominus on the Burning Blade server US, my guild there is "Mentally Unstable" they are a great bunch, very fun! My alt Mage that I've mentioned before is on Dalaran, my original server when I started playing WOW 4years ago, I started another DK on Shadowsong Server and joined "The Illuminati Order" with Michelle from "Warcraft Outsiders" podcast, and her guildies. So I have several things going on in WOW.

I have several RL friends and family who play on Burning Blade with me but a lot of them are "taking a break" for the summer. Sort of... well anyway they don't play nearly as much now, as they used to, for various reasons.

Apologies for the delay in getting a new post up. I have several nearly ready and will be putting them up accordingly.

Thanks for reading!