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Friday, May 14, 2010

Shared Topic: Helping new Players

Hello all,

So recently I had the opportunity to help out some new players. I vaguely remember what I felt like being new. The wow world seemed huge! I thought every little Trog would kill my little gnome Mage with but a glance, and every one else seemed level 60 already except me.

Those days are long gone now, and I've never really felt the need to give something back. But I do help new players when I can. Right now I'm running some quests in Tranquillen for the faction rep and there is no shortage of new players out there. So when I see another player in the same area I'm doing my quest kill xx Trolls. I invite them! We finish up the collecting or killing, and I thank them and go about my way. If I'm just passing through a lower level zone and I see in general chat someone asking for help, I will stop and help but usually only if it's a known quest that is particularly difficult and I remember that it is indeed difficult.

The one area where I'm not so eager to help is giving Gold. It's not that I'm starved for it. My concern lays in the possibility that if I just randomly start throwing gold around suddenly every level 1-25 character on the server wants to be my friend. That's not something I would care for. I do however see no problem with helping a guild mate or a friend I already know, and sending them some gold. After all I got some help from guildies way back when I purchased my first original flying skill and first flying mount.

So remember we all were new at some point, none of us are too important or too busy to stop now and again to kill a few trolls and pick up some juju, for that level 16 Blood Elf Mage over yonder.

Thanks for Reading


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