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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glyphing for Taunt

Hello again,

During my time as a tank I have never had an issue with threat, or feeling like i wasn't mitigating enough damage, or not being able to taunt off a boss from the other tank. But recently that changed.

Earlier this week I was running an ICC10, and tanking as usual. When i noticed my taunts were missing, and missing, and missing. Luckily this did not cause a wipe as it could have in many other boss encounters. So I went in search of what could be causing this so suddenly. I never had that problem before.

After sometime I came to find my hit rating was quite low, and the reason for that is I had recently acquired my second T10.1 piece and replaced my T9 leaving me very low on hit rating. So now i had 2 piece bonus for T9 and T10. But my hit rating was low, down around 200 only which is quite low for a DK, 292 being the cap for DK's.

I gem and enchant mostly for stamina, and defense, when necessary I gem dodge or parry to match the slot color, and if it makes sense to get that +6 stamina for matching the color. I only have one gem for hit. Normally that would get enough hit rating. But it looks like in this transitional phase between T9 and T10 it leaves the DK tank a little low on hit rating.

My answer to this problem comes in a little item called "Glyph of Dark Command". I replaced my "Glyph of Rune Strike", with the glyph of dark command, I also added another hit gem, and now I have no issues getting a taunt to land. For a moment I thought my threat might suffer too much from changing out, but it has not, although it is slightly lower than before.

Having to do this feels a bit like its mandatory, to use a glyph of taunt. In a way that's true and then that only leaves me with 2 major glyph slots. This however appears only temporary. As I acquire more T10 pieces, my hit rating should return to it's previous levels and I in turn will then be able to replace my taunt glyph with a more suitable choice.

Thanks for Reading


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